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The OG Free Vector Pack

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This is what started it all for me. About 10 years ago I began putting together vector packs for personal use. It was just a great way to organize my own creative resources. I shared them with friends, and eventually made them available for free through my portfolio.

What I didn't expect was how well received those packs would be. Their warm reception helped me to make new contacts in the industry and even landed me a bit of contract work.

The packs were limited by a number of factors when compared today's process, but no one seemed to mind at the time. I did, and still do, but such is the life of a designer. Things we take for granted today, like the resolution of the source images, processing power and the software available to convert raster to vector all played a role in the quality of the product. That's not to say the work suffered, in fact, a lot of the pieces are really great, but I would approach some of them differently if I were doing them over. They drove site traffic though, and that was fine by me.

And then I sort of just let it fizzle.

My portfolio redesigns didn't include the original vector packs for download, and although I continued to use many of the assets I had created, I never stayed on top of organizing the new pieces that I continued to make.

The launch of Downloads For Designers is in part a result of my course correction back towards strict organization of the assets I've created. And with that, I think rereleasing a few of those original vectors back into the wild is the obvious move.

I hope you'll get as much use out of them as I have.

Free Sample Pack

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Free stuff!

There's a good chance you're here just for the freebies. Maybe you've checked out the rest of the site and scoffed at having to break out the CC. Maybe you saw the 'FREE' link at the top and disregarded everything else. I'm cool with that, sometimes I do it too. Either way, I've got a pretty simple request. Keep coming back, because more free stuff is on the way.

In the mean time, I've put this together with some of my favorite pieces from the packs that are currently available. There's some good stuff in here, and I'm hoping you'll come back for more. Or, maybe this pack will help to earn your business. I'd be cool with that too.